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thyrocat cat hyperthyroidism treatment testimonial

Randy and Elena Vyunskovskayav of Lowell, MA wrote:

”Sasha is doing quite well, she is like a normal cat now, much more relaxed and mellow. She gained 2 pounds which is nice to see and we are very happy that the procedure was a success. We chose Thyrocat because we wanted to have the least stressful (shortest stay) as possible for her and it turned out well, the care and results were excellent.”


thyrocat testimonial

Rachel Iverson of Albany, NY wrote:

“I am sure by now that you have received Chai's test results which verify what we knew to be true - the treatment worked! Our Chai has put on weight, calmed down and is all-around healthier and happier. Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Thyro-Cat who gave our cat (and the humans) such wonderful care!”


thyrocat testimonial

Alice M. wrote:
”Oliver has been for his follow-up visit and I'm sure you have the results by now. His thyroid values are normal and he's regained 1.5 lbs. (that's probably enough)! He seems none the worse for the experience although he does watch more TV and it's good to know he's healthy again. Thanks for your wonderful care for both of us.”


thyrocat testimonial

Carla Erhartic wrote:
”Menace is doing more throwing up or acting as if he is starved and best of all, he has caught 3 mice in the last 3 weeks. He is very proud of his accomplishments! Thanks so much for taking care of our furry family member. You were great!”


thyrocat testimonial

Laura Eppig wrote:

”I have to admit that I am VERY impressed. For a while I thought "Oh well, it's too good to be true." But, within the last month Boo has REALLY improved! He's back to grooming himself normally (he had stopped when he was sick) and he has his personality back. I'm now confident that he will be with us for quite a while longer. Thanks again for your care and kindness!”


thyrocat testimonial

Colleen McGrady of Troy, NY wrote:
”Thank you Dottie and the staff at Thyro-Cat for taking such wonderful care of our little princess! Our sincere thanks for offering this wonderful procedure that will offer our gal a great quality of life in her old age.”


thyrocat testimonial

Kathy Buckly of Albany, NY wrote:
”Here is a recent photo of Molly taken after her radioactive iodine treatment. She's doing great! She looks so much better and has gained 3 pounds. Thank you so much for the wonderful care given to Molly. She is like a brand new cat!”


thyrocat testimonial

Rachel Gavini wrote:
”I just wanted to let you know that Pandora's had her checkup and all is good! Thanks to the specialists at Thyro-Cat she is very active and we're hoping for a lot more years with her.”


thyrocat testimonial

Dorothy Ross of Rochester, NY wrote:
”Benjamin visited a Thyro-Cat facility in NY on Jan 5th. Benjamin is doing well and has gained weight. He is a happy, healthy, kitty. Thanks to Thyro-Cat!”